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Why jatdh?

Hello! I am Jaj from Jaj and the Digital Humanities

I am the Applied Data Science Librarian at University of Pennsylvania Libraries’ Research Data and Digital Scholarship. Read about some of my work here.

I am a former Digital Humanities intern at the National Park Services’ American Battlefield Protection Program, and my graduate studies work experiences include Graduate Research Assistant-ship in the Digital Scholarship Center Lab at George Mason University, where I pursued a Masters degree in Computational Sciences. During Summer 2020 and Fall 2020, I interned with the National Gallery of Art‘s Department of Analytics and Enterprise Architecture (TDS-AEA). I was also an Editor-at-Large for Digital Humanities Now. I am on The Association of Computing and Humanities’ Mentorship Working Group Panel, and have been granted funding to participate at the PrincetonDH New Languages for NLP Institute.

Connect with me on Instagram (@jajwalyark), Twitter(@JajRK), LinkedIn (Jajwalya Karajgikar); all where I gush about DH for the most part.

This blog is where I channel my excitement for everything Data and DH. I am eager to investigate the intersection of technology and the humanities. I also hope to raise awareness of possible cultural impacts and technological advances. I write to maintain a sort of CV through blogging, bringing together even my Digital Marketing and Content Writing skills.

The material produced in this blog is not amenable to traditional academic acknowledgment. It is not even a traditional Computer Science Project I can add to my Github profile. In fact, I am convinced no one will be reading this blog, except perhaps for some good-natured friends of mine.

However, I hope to grow and learn more with this experience. 

What is DH?

Digital Humanities is the colorful area between technology and humanities. Think, everything you know about the Arts, that could be in a digital medium. That does not mean just eBooks or TV shows or film.

Types of Digital Humanities fields

It mainly involves the following:  

  • Natural Language Processing
  • Knowledge Representation
  • Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence Ethics
  • Cultural Analytics
  • Textual mining and analysis
  • Data Visualization
  • Digital Archival
  • Digitization
  • Scholarship
  • Online Teaching
  • Online Publishing

I will be exploring the various types of Digital Humanities and what it could do for the improvement of both, tech and humanities. In many ways, we are already in contact with DH in our lives. The scale might vary.

Want to get in touch to learn more, or just point out something wrong on my blog? Please let me know!

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